Broadband Big Deal is not recommended !!

Who can you trust these days?

I was recently pleased to see that a group of people had formed to create a good energy deal, fighting back against the big players like British Gas, EDF and Npower.   I checked the deal against my current supplier, and unfortunately, as I had already switched to a smaller supplier earlier, I found the new “Big deal” was not going to be much different for me.


Next came a broadband promise.  I was again pleased they thought that broadband was an even bigger rip-off than the energy market.  Kind of confirmed what I had known all along.  Then came the big surprises – the deal they proposed was one created by TalkTalk.  It involved a deal that locked you in to one service for 18 months It involved a deal that increased prices after a specified time.  They also announced that they had partnered with the Sun newspaper.  Good grief.  The deal sucks in a huge way.   I wouldn’t recommend TalkTalk to anyone – their customer service is notoriously poor, not to mention “the hacking” incident, which left customer control panels out of reach for months!!  I have not changed my recommendation of broadband provider.  At this moment in time I still recommend that you should sign with Uno Broadband, a small Sheffield based operator, who charge only £19.99 per month + VAT for an unlimited broadband service, which includes telephone line rental, and only ties you in for a 12 month period.  I was disappointed when it recently changed from a rolling one month contract.  They are the best kind of contract if you want customer choice 😊

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