Windows 10 – 1st Anniversary – I’m not celebrating :( (Updated!!)

I have to say, after a year of using Windows 10, I’m somewhere I never expected to be – I can no longer recommend the current version of Microsoft Windows for my customers.  Never thought I would be saying that, but the operating system simply isn’t good enough.

My main work computer has been downgraded to windows 7 – and I am spending more and more time working with Linux Mint than ever before.

I’ve struggled with the “Critical Error – Start Menu has stopped working” on and off for over 6 months now.  Every time I think I have it fixed, the damn thing comes back.  I’m not willing to spend any more of my time on this.  We are well past the “throw the computer out the window” point.

I hear there are some big updates due soon.  I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve been reading similar verdicts in PC Pro magazine – a publication that has changed significantly in recent years.  Once upon a time you would not see a mention of an apple product there – now their devices frequently head up the “A” list in several categories.

On the positive side, the computer operating system is no longer the main thing.  Getting the job done you want doing is, and there are plenty of ways to do that nowadays.

Ironic isn’t it?  Like politicians, something we once trusted has let us down.

I look forward to a happier situation at the end of 2016 – so far a pretty disastrous year on many fronts.

UPDATE – December 2016

Only one month after I wrote the above, Microsoft rolled out their anniversary update, which started updating customers from August 2nd.

It FINALLY fixed the “Critical Error” issue I, and no doubt thousands of others, had been struggling with for months.

So … Windows 10 is usable again.  I can recommend it again with caveats …

I still hate the way the user has no choice about receiving updates

I hate the way it takes decisions about updating MY computer – even when I am trying to get work done !!

I hate the fact that the main user settings are in two places (Control Panel, and the newer Settings “Cog”).

But at least we can get on with work again without too many distractions …

With that in mind I have to say, “recommend” is probably the wrong word when it comes to Windows 10 and computer operating systems.  I don’t hate it anymore, but you should seriously consider alternatives, if you can.

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