A Conscious un-googling

Some time before Christmas I noticed Google chrome was running increasingly slow on some of my windows computers. Then it began hanging altogether. After this happened a few times, I downloaded Firefox and switched to that as my main browser of choice. Back came the speed I remembered.

Then, I began to be really irritated by the messages coming from the main google search engine. Over and over again “Before you leave – please read this” and you couldn’t just ignore it, as the search engine wouldn’t work until you acknowledged it. Now there is “A privacy reminder from Google” in nearly every search.

At this point I actually uninstalled Google Chrome from all my computers.

I even changed the default search engine to Yahoo – then came the story about Yahoo selling Ivory from their Japanese site. Great. Who can you trust in this world?

Have changed to an “amalgamator” called Dogpile now – I’ve used that for some years when google failed me, and it will do for now, until I hear otherwise …

I still have a gmail account, although the intention is to phase this out gradually … but it begs the question – how much can we exclude these giant corporations from our on-line lives?

More recently there has been the rotten tax deal google made with the UK government. I’m sure all the struggling small businesses in the UK landed with huge annual corporation tax bills are going to be overjoyed to hear about that one. It really encourages us all to be good little taxpayers …

So goodbye Google – we have loved your maps and free email. Not sure how we are going to get by without you, but there are alternatives, and I will be going out of my way to utilise them.

In the end, it was your own motto “Don’t be evil” …

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