All Change at the top for Security Software in 2020

Bitdefender regains it’s crown after 18 months of Kaspersky at the top.
Many people don’t really care much about security software as long as they don’t get computer viruses! In these days of sophisticated Ransomware and Malware attacks, you really can’t afford to be complacent about Security Software. If you are running Windows 10 – as many of my customers are – you really need it! Don’t rely on the in-built Windows Defender, which, while it is better than it used to be, still lags behind the “paid-for” alternatives.

Here at HarmonixIT we take our lead from an industry leading publication PCPRO Magazine, which does a regular round-up of security suites. They are a bit late this time, normally producing their round-up in the Autumn, but better late than never. In February 2020, we find BitDefender is once again the Editors Choice, knocking Kaspersky into 2nd place.
If you worry about where your Security Software is developed, BitDefender hails from Romania!
If you don’t like paying money for peace of mind, the free security suite Avast! takes top spot over the previous winner Panda. Note that Avast! has a 94.7 overall performance rating, which makes it a much better option than Windows Defender which scores 87.5% Just remember, Avast! tries very hard to get you to buy the paid-for version, so you will have to ignore numerous pop-ups to keep it free!

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