Annual Security Round-up (2018)

Once again, security software suites are assessed, in my reference magazine of choice (PC PRO) including the in-built Windows Defender by Microsoft.

In 2018, the Russian security suite “Kaspersky Internet Security” regains the crown it lost last year to BitDefender.  The actual difference between them, in terms of catching computer viruses and other malware is quite minimal with them both achieving a 100% detection rate.  The deciding factor was ease of use – the interface you need to use to control the software.

What this means is, if you have moved to BitDefender, there is no great rush to change again, especially if you are happy with the protection afforded by the product.
Both Suites cost the same (£25 inc VAT for 3 devices).

A major surprise for me, this year, is the performance of McAfee – this year it has done well, after years of being one of  the poorest performers.  Apparently, it has been sold by it’s former owners INTEL, and this has done wonders for it.  I have always disparaged the likes of PC World/Curry’s and BT for pushing McAfee products, but this year, it looks as if it is actually worth considering.  Whilst not being recommended, it is now in the top 5.

Also another change, which it seems I didn’t notice last year, is that PANDA FREE ANTIVIRUS is now the free product of choice, instead of Avast!  Using a free antivirus is considerably better than relying on the inbuilt Windows Defender, which comes LAST in this years tests.  I use a free antivirus for computers which I do not rely on for everyday use.

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