Something Went Wrong …

I’ve seen this message far too often this last 6 or so months, after Windows 10 tries to apply it’s “fall creators update”.  Something which is usually long on pain, and little on gain.  Despite no doubt, Microsoft’s massive development efforts, there is little evidence of improvements to Windows afterwards.  The big problem for me, is that this update pushes many older PC’s over the compatibility limit, so you just get the above message, or worse, in the case of one of my customers, where no programs would launch after the update.  We are told there will be no Windows 11 – we will just keep getting updates to 10, but what happens to hardware compatibility?  In an ideal world, we would see a message BEFORE we try to apply the patch, something like, “We have detected that your hardware is now below specification to run the latest version of Windows.  Consider buying a new PC, or upgrading your existing system.  But no, it ploughs along regardless, and many hours later, just the message “Something Went Wrong”.  Great.
One of my home PC’s is now running Linux Mint 18 as a direct result of this.  (and doing all the things I need it to do, I might add).

Luckily we managed to go back to an earlier restore point for my customer whose computer would not run after the update, but they now dread seeing the Windows Update messages for fear it will just happen again.

So, here we are, in July Windows 10 will be 3 years old.  Not an operating system that is a constant joy to use, but something we tolerate because there are few alternatives.

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