Windows 10 – Creators Update

Described by many reviewers as a minor major update, the creators update is still arriving to a bemused public.  A definite improvement over previous versions, but containing nothing earth shattering – not that we would want that 🙂


I like the new privacy options given during setup -much clearer than before, although you still need to keep a close eye on proceedings if you care about your privacy.  I literally jumped recently when the setup program started talking to me – quite a surprise.

So, Windows 10 gets a little better than it was.  As a support provider I’m just glad the awful days of the “Critical Error” are now behind us.  Thank you Microsoft.   I’m assuming you haven’t collectively gotten religion and are calling on God to help with the code, but hey, who knows in these days of post truth and alternative facts.

In the light of the recent Cyber attacks, suddenly the thought of an operating system that keeps itself up to date automatically doesn’t seem quite so bad, and Microsoft has taken steps to reduce the impact of updates and system re-boots.  I can tell you, there is nothing much worse than the system you are relying upon to get work done, to suddenly start to reboot itself, or decide to start applying updates when you want to pack it up and leave.

(OK the critical error was worse) 🙂

Verdict:  Thanks for the improvements – keep listening to your customers …

Did I mentioned the new 3D thingy’s – <nope> – thought not …

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