GoDaddy – avoid like the plague!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I have been helping a customer of mine to move their services from the american web host GoDaddy.

I have to say, after 30 years in IT, I have rarely encountered such a bad service provider.  Highway robbery is quite a polite enterprise in comparison.  These people take money from charities, and have been known to kill elephants – yes – that sounded a bit too far fetched until I read this article from 2012 – which means they have been doing a bad job for a long time …

Honestly, there aren’t enough words … All I can say is, please, please be cautious before buying internet services.  Try not to get locked into long term agreements, until you have confidence using a provider.  Ask us – it’s what we are here for.  If you are choosing a broadband provider in the UK (and yes, its an expensive minefield!!), use this excellent web site first – and read a few reviews first.  Do some comparisons with the smaller providers – don’t just go for one of the “big five”.

I just had a look for lists of top web hosts in the UK – and it looks like there are plenty of “paid for” lists featuring the same few massive enterprises.  Basically, anyone who has GoDaddy on their “best of list” is not to be trusted,  I found a reasonable list here.    At HarmonixIT we use Xilo, a small provider based in Sheffield.

One thought on “GoDaddy – avoid like the plague!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Update – Since this post, I have been asked to migrate another customer from GoDaddy.
    when you ask to migrate a domain away from GoDaddy, they are legally supposed to send you what is known as an “EPP” code to pass on to your new provider. I completed the control panel fields to do this, on the GoDaddy site. No EPP code was sent. When I complained on the customer’s behalf, GoDaddy’s support suggested we tried a different email address. This involves changing your contact details. When you change your contact details. GoDaddy put’s a 60 day lock on moving the domain away from them. They do not tell you this when they suggest you change your email address.
    Unbelievable. GoDaddy puts retaining their revenue stream well ahead of providing customer service. Another example of bad practice. In this case, we were able to circumvent the GoDaddy nastiness by changing the domain name host server names. We will now attempt to move the domain name away again at the end of the 60 day period.
    This experience only succeeds in underlining why you should never use GoDaddy as an internet host.

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