Windows 10 Autumn Update 2017

In case you are wondering what will happen to your computer when the latest update arrives, here is my experience on one of my computers.  Note the picture says available from October 17th, so this may be too late for everyone.

I was notified that the update was ready on 14th November.  Decided to kick off the update today (15th November).  Note – you cannot avoid this update, unless of course, you disconnect from the internet, and remain disconnected …

My update took 53 minutes to complete on an i5 machine with 8GB of RAM, on a solid state disk, so, this can only be a rough guide as to what to expect.  When the download is ready, you can put it off for a few days, but you will have to bite the bullet eventually.  Note the option to “Update and Shutdown” offered when you try to shutdown is fairly useless, as it will just continue from where it left off when you turn back on.  At the first re-boot, the system claims to be 30% complete, but then starts from 0% again after the re-boot.  It then reboots again at 29% complete.  Following that re-boot it proceeds for a while then reboots again at 56% complete.  Following that reboot, it is suddenly at 76% complete.  Note after 30 minutes of updating, my system was at 79% complete.  It seems to stick on 84% complete for absolutely ages.  Could finally login again after 52 minutes, but only to see a series of messages, and the warning “This could take several minutes”.  Luckily, in my case this was only 1 minute to wait.  When the system was finally available to me again, the system had forgotten the WIFI password, and I had to enter it again (and set the network discovery setting).

If you want to learn more about what this update has changed I would direct you to the issue 279 of PC Pro magazine, which has a full article on the update.  I will use it for a week or so before making any further comments at this point.

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