Annual Security Round-up (2017)

It’s that time of year again, when our copy of PC PRO features the annual security suite round-up.  The issue that we just received is labelled January 2018 – this has always been a bit confusing, but that’s the date they are supposed to take the mag. off newsagents shelves, not when it is published.

Major news this year, is the Labs Winning security suite is BitDefender, replacing Kaspersky which came out top in the last 3 years at least …

So, our recommended product changes from now.  Existing customers should not worry – Kaspersky is still one of 3 products that are recommended, but products will be changed as subscriptions run out.

For anyone concerned about computer security, (and you should be !!) this is essential reading – if you just buy 1 mag a year, get this one.

The new Labs Winner !

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