Pushed off the Edge

Recently, one of my customers asked me to look at the Microsoft Edge browser, as it was crashing as soon as you attempted to search for a web site.  The customer was not massively concerned at this, as he was also using the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers on his Windows 10 system.  Normally, I would simply look to the Microsoft Download site, and attempt to re-install a fresh copy of the browser, but it would seem this is not the case with Microsoft Edge.  There does not appear to be a standalone installer for it.  So integrated is it, into Windows 10, that it cannot be fixed that way.  Troubleshooting the problem, I learned from Microsoft support sites and forums, that I needed to run complex Powershell commands to solve the problem.  Really ?  To be honest, I cannot be bothered to do this.  My customer was concerned that certain Windows 10 alerts, which appear in the bottom right hand notification area, want to launch Microsoft Edge, despite the fact that one of the other browsers installed on the system had been selected as the default browser.  Very bad form Microsoft – not only is your recommended browser not launching, but you appear to be favouring that browser above the selected default.  As an IT support professional, it is hard to estimate how bad this is.  It’s like you are choosing to shoot your chosen browser in the head.  If Microsoft were really serious about their Edge browser, they would want to make it work on other platforms such as Linux, Macintosh and Android, but as it stands, it doesn’t even work on the Windows platform.  I really wasn’t expecting a bug quite this bad so soon after the last one.  Suffice to say I will not be recommending Edge to anyone in the near future, if ever.  I think it needs to go the way of Nokia and Lumia – i.e. into oblivion.

Only the next day, I received a system that needed restoring.  It was Windows 10.  It had the same issue with the Edge browser, except this time, it lacked the previous Internet Explorer browsers, so you literally could not get on the internet with this machine.

My solution?  I had to download the Firefox installer stub on a different machine, then run it on this one via a USB stick.  Hey presto we are back on the internet.

I don’t think there is much more to be said at this stage, apart from, Edge is not the solution we are looking for …

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