We recently learned that the cost of cybercrime now exceeds the government budget for the NHS by 70 billion pounds!

Just to clarify – the UK NHS budget costs £122bn per year, whilst the cost of fraud to the UK economy is now estimated at £192bn per year.

That’s quite staggering.  In the last twelve months I have dealt with cybercrime incidents where my customers or close friends were defrauded of thousands of pounds.  YET people still say to me “I don’t understand all that computer stuff”.

I think the time has come, if a person cannot grasp the essentials of computer security, or understand basic truths about the dangers of the internet and email today, they really shouldn’t be using a computer at all.

It’s like owning a car and having the attitude “I don’t understand all this driving lark”.  You would not expect their driving experiences to end well.

If you have questions or worries about your safety when using your computer, do Contact Me, and I will do my best to help.

To read the full “inews” article referenced above, click here.

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