Windows 10 – four months on

So, windows 10 has been with us, officially for over 4 months.

Mainly well received in the press as Microsoft’s “Make or break” operating system I’ve now installed it many times on a variety of computers, either as a fresh installation or as an upgrade.

Long enough to develop a few likes and dislikes.

Top of my dislike list is the way windows 10 updates itself and you have no control over when or if that happens.   I understand if you are lucky enough to have the professional or even the Enterprise versions of Windows 10, you can restore some control over the process, but the home versions force Microsoft’s software updates upon us, often accompanied by a supposedly helpful messages like “We’re updating a few things…” – what if I had some urgent work to complete?

2nd on my dislike list are the awful privacy standard settings when you install windows.  It’s very important to choose “Customise” and change most settings, otherwise you will be sending all your personal data to Microsoft, including your location.

At the moment, all I would say is things are a lot better than they were under Windows 8 / Windows 8.1, but its very clear Microsoft are not learning from the errors of the past.

I find I’m installing Linux more and more these days …

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