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Annual Security Round-up (2018)

Once again, security software suites are assessed, in my reference magazine of choice (PC PRO) including the in-built Windows Defender by Microsoft. In 2018, the Russian security suite “Kaspersky Internet Security” regains the crown it lost last year to BitDefender.  The actual difference between them, in terms of catching computer […]

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Annual Security Round-up (2017)

It’s that time of year again, when our copy of PC PRO features the annual security suite round-up.  The issue that we just received is labelled January 2018 – this has always been a bit confusing, but that’s the date they are supposed to take the mag. off newsagents shelves, […]

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We recently learned that the cost of cybercrime now exceeds the government budget for the NHS by 70 billion pounds! Just to clarify – the UK NHS budget costs £122bn per year, whilst the cost of fraud to the UK economy is now estimated at £192bn per year. That’s quite […]

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